Dear classmates:

The reunion team has seen and discussed the Facebook posts regarding recognizing our classmates who have passed away. Therefore, it has been decided to offer a few minutes of reflection at the beginning of the party.

Our classmate "Patty" Patricia Graff has graciously agreed to organize this piece of our reunion.

Patty recently said to us, “I have been asked by T.J. Wirtz of the reunion group to put together a eulogy of our classmates that have sadly passed away since we all graduated. I am very touched and honored to have the opportunity to do this.

We want to make this a very special moment at our upcoming reunion because these wonderful people were a part of our everyday lives at school. I feel that we have an obligation to acknowledge them to at the very least; to recognize them by having a short moment of honoring them.”

In order to be sure that no one is left out, she is reaching out to all classmates for help.


“I would truly appreciate if attendees could either email, text, or I-M me with names of any classmates that you know of that have passed away. I want to be sure we have included all of them, even those who may have passed during our school years.”

After the reunion we are considering making this a permanent part of our electronic webpage and/or Facebook page. Therefore, please send Patty any scans of pictures, printed obituaries, antidotes and links to funeral home electronic obituaries with the name of classmate(s).

Patricia “Patty” Graff is on Facebook and instant messenger or, and 317-331-1481.

See you in a few days!